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Ambika Healing is a holistic practice with integrative massage, ayurvedic, and herbal treatments. It has become a trusted name in the community as a source for experienced, skilled, professional practitioners and has grown through both medical referrals and locals' word-of-mouth. Our convenient online scheduling allows you to book your appointment wherever you are, even if you are unable to reach us over the phone. Please visit the tabs for our service menu & online scheduling.

"The Spirit is life.  The Mind is the builder.  The Physical is the result." Edgar Cayce

Our treatments may be customized to meet your specific needs utilizing the modalities with which we are experienced. All of the massage oils, herbal treatment products, and essential oil blends that are offered Ambika Healing are handmade. We believe part of your healing experience is to create a totally unique and customizable treatment that meets the needs of each individual client. Please talk to your practitioner before your treatment about which products are most suitable for you, or let their intuition choose for you. You may also purchase any of the handmade items used during your treatment to bring the therapeutic experience home with you. 

In our careers, we have approached as many modalities as possible because we believe there are many paths to healing. The most important factor to healing is the outlook of the client. In our practice, we aspire to work with clients who are open to the transformative process of body therapies. We strive to be supportive of the client's own healing process.

We love living in Breckenridge and want to provide the community with a healing and professional space. We frequently undergo training in our field to better serve the community with great massage therapy, bodywork, and alternative health treatments.  

At ambika healing, the focus is on your individual needs, whether you wish to relieve muscular pain, find relaxation, or experience one of our organic herbal treatments. We spend time speaking with each client about their unique situation and treatment goals and conduct a thorough intake interview. Every aspect of your treatment will be customized for you, including the handcrafted massage oils and aromatherapy that is used during your treatment.

"Know that all healing forces are within, not without. The applications from without are merely to create within a coordinating mental and spiritual force." Edgar Cayce


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